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Bettie Becker | Mesquite

Bettie Becker, a senior in Mesquite, Texas who is staying alone request for food. Rajiv Roy, Roar 4 Change volunteer had to visit five different grocery stories before the requested items could be purchased. Rajiv visited her house and delivered the food. Supporting Our Seniors is an initiative to delivery food to our seniors and […]

Dana Taris | Dallas

Dana Taris, a senior in Dallas, Texas who is staying with her disabled son. She did not have funds to purchase the food. Roar 4 Change with its donations purchase grocery for her. Rajiv Roy, Roar 4 Change Volunteer purchased food items and delivered the food. Supporting Our Seniors is an intiative to delivery food […]

Support Our Seniors (SOS)

Roar 4 Change is offering free grocery delivery for seniors within DFW, Texas area. Support Our Seniors (SOS) is an initiative during the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) where Roar 4 Change Volunteers are shopping at the the nearby stores and delivery the required food to the seniors. If you are a senior or a […]

Emergency Meal Service

Roar 4 Change team has stepped to the need of Cancer patients and their relatives during the pandemic of Corona Virus in Navi Mumbai. During the week days, the patients and relatives were getting food from near by religious institutions in Navi Mumbai but due to Corona Virus they stopped the service. Roar 4 Change […]

March 15, 2020 | Week 26

We are thankful to Ms. Dapinder Kaur, Principal, Sri Guru Harkrishan Sr. Secondary Public School , Majitha Bypass, Amritsar for donating funds for food and Ms. Chitra Kampani for fruits for breakfast for the cancer patients and their relatives on March 15th, 2020. Today, we also received steel plates, spoons and glasses as donation from […]

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