Roar 4 Women Empowerment  (Roar 4 WE) program is targeted for promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.

The Roar 4 WE program is inspired by the journey of Nina Nair who has single handed managed her path despite of all the challenges that has been thrown to her. Gopi Nair, her husband, has been an active support of Roar 4 Change activities since the inception. Nina’s journey of life challenges started on December 4th, 2018 when Gopi Nair had a stroke while traveling to Mumbai on business. By time he reached the hospital, he had slipped into coma. Nina fearlessly stood and faced the life challenges thrown at her. With over two months in the hospital in Mumbai, one can imagine the expenses that creeped on her. She managed her way through all this. Gopi was taken to Kerala for extensive allopathic treatment. She was by his side everyday during his treatments. Gopi has improved a lot but speech and physical abilities are not in par to work. Nina become the bread-winner for family. It did not end here, during the COVID-19 times, Nina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Again, she single handed started coping with the challenges of life. On one side, she underwent treatments and on the other side was working to make the ends meet. We salute women like Nina!

Nina Nair with Gopi Nair

Nina is inspiration for Roar 4 Change team and the team has launched Roar 4 Women Empowerment (Roar 4 WE) to create an ecosystem for women around India for creating their livelihood. Roar 4 WE will have multiple initiative under this program. The initiatives will be targeted to provide an ecosystem to provide skills to earn, create a higher self-worth and higher happiness index in life.

Join us if you would like to be part of this journey. Everybody can contribute towards this journey. Come Roar 4 Women Betterment with us. Please fill the form below to be part of the journey.

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