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Registration for the Consumers

Are you a consumer who is looking to donate your old Sunglasses or prescription glasses, please fill the details below and we will email you the list of locations where you can deposit and avail the $5 discount on your purchase where you live.

Want to Donate Water

If you are within Dallas Fort-Worth area and would like to donate water to use. Please fill the form below so we can coordinate to pick up water bottle from you.

Global Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi Ji Awards Application

Roar 4 Change have come forward to launch the Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi Ji Awards globally for all ages. Roar 4 Change invites all ages to pick any poem of Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi Ji and write in one page what the writer wants to convey and also what the poem means to you. Please […]

KBEC (Koun Banega English Ka Champion?)

Inspire, Engage, Reward! School Competitions offer opportunities to inspire students to engage with subjects in more depth offering rewards as encouragement. School competitions add diversity to your timetable and provide schoolteachers with classroom resources and activities for you to use. There is the added morale boost of winning competitions! There is great recognition for the school […]

About This Site

The site outlines our different programs and our humble attempts to actively contribute to the socioeconomic development of communities worldwide.