Roar 4 Change: Delivering 1,125th Free Grocery Deliveries to Support Our Seniors

On June 18th, 2023, we delivered our 1,125th FREE Grocery Delivery! Roar 4 Change volunteers and its donors continue their commitment to helping seniors in Dallas-Fort Worth area. Since March 128, 2020, Roar 4 Change has been running the Supporting Our Seniors (SOS) program, which has delivered an incredible 1,125 free grocery deliveries to seniors in need. The dedication and efforts of the Roar 4 Change volunteers and supporters have made a profound impact on the lives of countless seniors in our community.

Supporting Our Seniors (SOS) Program:

The outbreak of COVID-19 has significantly impacted the lives of seniors, who are more vulnerable to the virus and face increased challenges in accessing essential supplies. Recognizing this, Roar 4 Change initiated the SOS program to address the immediate needs of seniors in their community. Since its inception, the program has provided 1,125 free grocery deliveries to seniors who are unable to venture out due to health concerns or limited mobility.

The Roar 4 Change Volunteers:

The success of the SOS program is a testament to the passion and dedication of the Roar 4 Change volunteers. These individuals selflessly give their time and effort to ensure that seniors receive the groceries they require to sustain their well-being. From procuring food from grocery stores, packing and organizing deliveries, and the. safely dropping them off at seniors’ doorsteps, the Roar 4 Change volunteers are the backbone of this impactful initiative.

The Impact on Seniors:

The impact of Roar 4 Change’s efforts cannot be overstated. For seniors who may be isolated or have limited social networks, receiving these free grocery deliveries has provided not just essential supplies but also a sense of connection and support. Many seniors have expressed deep gratitude for the services provided by Roar 4 Change, emphasizing the relief and peace of mind they feel knowing that their needs are being met during these challenging times.

Continued Support and Future Endeavors:

Despite the passage of time since the outbreak of COVID-19, Roar 4 Change remains steadfast in their commitment to supporting seniors in need. The organization continues to raise awareness and funds for their SOS program, ensuring that the deliveries can be sustained in the long term.

How You Can Help:

Roar 4 Change’s impactful work would not be possible without the support of the community. If you wish to contribute to their efforts, there are several ways to get involved. You can volunteer your time to assist with grocery deliveries or donate funds to support the program’s expansion. Even the smallest contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of seniors who rely on Roar 4 Change’s services.


Roar 4 Change’s SOS program, which has delivered 1,125 free grocery deliveries to seniors in need, stands as a shining example of community resilience and compassion in the face of adversity. The organization’s unwavering commitment to supporting seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic has made a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals. As we move forward, let us continue to support Roar 4 Change and other organizations that strive to uplift and empower the most vulnerable members of our society. Together, we can create a brighter and more caring future for all.

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