Registration for International Better Learning & Teaching Conference 2023

Please complete the below form for International Better Learning & Teaching Conference 2023. Being held in Navi Mumbai on Feb 10th & Feb 11th, 2023.

Registration for International Better Learning and Teaching Conference 2023

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    I have agreed to the International Better Teaching & Learning Conference 2023 terms, and I fully understand, appreciate and assume all of the risks associated with me attending the conference. I understand that my execution of this Waiver is a precondition to me attending the conference. 1. I voluntarily release and hold harmless R4C, its board of directors, officers, employees, agents and other volunteers (collectively, "Releases") from any and all claims, causes of action and damages and injuries of any and every sort, including but not limited to bodily injury or death which I may directly or indirectly suffer or incur as a result of, or in any manner arising from, my participation as a R4C volunteer, even if such claims, causes of action damages or injuries result from the negligence or conduct of one or more Releases. I understand that by signing this Waiver I am waiving any rights that I may have to recover damages and legal or equitable relief of any sort arising in any way from my volunteer activities for R4C. 2. I hereby grant to R4C without charge the right to use, in any way that R4C may in its sole discretion deem desirable for the benefit of R4C, my image (whether photographic or otherwise recorded or transmitted) and work product arising from my volunteer activities for R4C.

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