Punjabi Charity Associations from Canada and India joins the celebration of commitment for Roar 4 Change Supporters

October 1st, 2022

Punjabi Cultural & Welfare Association (PCWA) of Navi Mumbai, Belapur, India and Jagat Punjabi Sabha (JPS) of Brampton, Canada joins celebration of commitment for Roar 4 Change. Mr. Kamal Sharma, President-PCWA and Mr. Ajaib Singh Chatha, Chairman- JPS compliment and convey their spirit of service and giving for the Roar 4 Change volunteers and supporters.

Roar 4 Change is celebrating its commitment of its volunteers and supporters for the Supporting Our Senior’s Program where the team has achieved over 1000+ FREE grocery deliveries for seniors across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Mr. Sharma, President-PCWA said, “Punjabi Cultural & Welfare Association has been supporting Roar 4 Change team for all its program since the inception of the charity organization. Baljit has been instrumental in our journey of building Punjab Bhavan in Belapur. His vision and support has been commendable. The entire Punjabi Cultural & Welfare Association management from Belapur, Navi Mumbai, India would like to congratulate the Roar 4 Change team for their 1000+ free grocery deliveries for the seniors in Dallas-Fort Worth area.”

Mr. Chatha, Chairman-JPS said, “Jagat Punjabi Sabha has been working with Roar 4 Change team since 2019. We jointly organized the first International Better Learning and Teaching Conference in India. The conference was a great example on how a conference should be conducted. I commend the passion and process that is driven by Baljit within Roar 4 Change team.”

Baljit Singh, Program Director said, “Punjabi Cultural & Welfare Association is my inspiration for starting Roar 4 Change. I have always looked up to the management team of PCWA and learned from them. Especially my father Mr. Gurbux Singh and other PCWA management are my inspiration. The principles that they practice have been implemented and are driven within Roar 4 Change.”

Mr. Baljit Singh of Roar 4 Change further added, “We work with Jagat Punjabi Sabha on various projects and have the privilege of talking with Mr. Chatha on regular basis. He is an institution of happiness. He has been a guiding post for me on my darkest days. I am thankful to have such wonderful people in my life to guide through the challenges. There are challenging days mentally and physically when you give yourself for community work but then there are individual around you that uplift your spirits. We should be thankful to them.”

Join us live for the Roar 4 Change Annual Appreciation Awards on

USA: Sunday, October 2nd 2022 at 6:15p.m CST (Dallas Time)

India: Monday, October 3rd, 2022 at 4:45a.m India Time.

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About Punjabi Cultural & Welfare Association

Website: www.pcwanavimumbai.org

Punjabi Cultural and Welfare Association (PCWA) is a Not-for-Profit association. PCWA is a platform with its services that is bringing the Navi Mumbai community together. With a strong focus to Serve the Humanity and keeping the Punjabi Culture & History Alive in the hearts of local community. The Punjabi Cultural & Welfare Association (PCWA) was introduced in 1985 with effort of handful members. It took long way to get established and was registered in year 2000 under society Act and Public Trust Act of MAHARASHTRA, India.

About Jagat Punjabi Sabha

Website: www.jagatpunjabisabha.com

Jagat Punjabi Sabha (JPS) is a organization out of Brampton, Canada working for the promotion of “Spirit of Punjabiyat all around the world.” Jagat Punjabi Sabha is the pioneer organization working for promotion of the ‘Spirit of Punjabiyat, that is, Punjabi Culture and Heritage all over the world. JPS has been instrumental in organizing conferences, presentations by influential people in community for promoting Punjabiyat. JPS along with other charity organization have conducted conferences such as, World Punjabi Conference, JPS focus has been on driving the ‘Future of Punjabi Language’ and ‘Education System: World Perspective.’  In order to take our objective to a higher level, JPS has planned a build a list of 101 prominent Punjabis chosen from all over the world who have contributed a great deal in their respective field or activity

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Roar 4 Change is a 501 (3) (c), non-profit organization dedicated to bringing change and increasing the Happiness Index by actively contributing to the socioeconomic development of all communities worldwide. Roar 4 Change focuses on helping the community, education, environment and providing disaster support through its initiatives: Roar 4 Climate, Roar 4 Education, Roar 4 Help, Roar 4 Happiness, Roar 4 Women Empowerment and Roar 4 Water.

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Baljit Singh | Phone: 972-800-6305 | Email: [email protected] |  Website: www.roar4change.org

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