Join the SustainableEYE ecosystem- Roar 4 Change launches the process for Dallas Fort-Worth Community

October 29th, 2022

Press Release

Roar 4 Change launched the process for consumers to donate eye glasses and avail $5 discount at their nearest local businesses (Retail & Restaurants) and also Eye Care Professional to join the ecosystem to provide free pair of glasses for the low come families.

SustainableEYETM is a mission started by Baljit Singh, Innovator & Author to increase the happiness index of societies around the world with the vision of world’s first Net Zero Carbon Footprint ecosystem for eyeglasses.

SustainableEYE value chain
  1. The consumers with old prescription and sunglasses can get $5 credit for their purchases at selected Retails Stores and Restaurants where they live.
  • The Retail and Restaurants will receive $5 credit from Roar 4 Change what they have offered to the consumers who have submitted their old glasses and sunglasses.
  • Roar 4 Change volunteers will pick up prescription and sunglasses from the restaurants and retails stores, these will be delivered to the nearest Eye Care Professional for further sanitization.
  • These glasses will be available for the low-income families and homeless at NO cost.

Are you a Retail / Restaurant who is looking to join the SustainableEYE ecosystem to be the good and create good. Please click below link and fill the registration form.

Click here if you are Retail / Restaurant owner

Are you a Eye Care Professional (ECP) who is looking to join the SustainableEYE ecosystem to be the good and create good. Please click below link and fill the registration form.

Click here if you are Eye Care Professional (ECP)

Are you a consumer who is looking to donate your old Sunglasses or prescription glasses, please fill the details below and we will email you the list of locations where you can deposit and avail the $5 discount on your purchase where you live.

Click here if you are Consumer who is looking to donate Eyeglasses.

You can reach Mr. Baljit Singh for this journey via email or via his direct cell +1-972-800-6305.

About Baljit Singh

Baljit Singh has been fortunate to be part of teams that have brought innovation and game changer product & services to the market. He has experience in building successful product and services companies. He is currently an advisor to over 20+ companies for developing their innovative journey. Author of the Book, “My Experiments with Innovation,” he is a motivational speaker and gives talks on how to cultivate habits and change lifestyle to drive innovation. Baljit is currently driving cross border partnership between India-Israel-North America.

For further information, please contact:

Baljit Singh | Email:

About Roar 4 Change

Baljit also leads Roar 4 Change: Roar 4 Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing change and increasing the Happiness Index by actively contributing to the socioeconomic development of all communities worldwide. Roar 4 Change focuses on helping the community, environment and providing disaster support through its initiatives; Roar 4 Climate, Roar 4 Education, Roar 4 Happiness, Roar 4 Help, Roar 4 Women Empowerment and Roar 4 Water.

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