Roar 4 Change reaches out to the City Officials and Religious Heads to identify Point of Contact to send water from Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

August 31, 2022

Roar 4 Change is reaching out to the City Officials and Religious heads to provide a single Point of Contact for coordination with Roar 4 Change team. Roar 4 Change team is collecting water bottles from Dallas Fort Worth Area and plan to send these in trucks to the point of contact across the state of Mississippi who further can distribute to the community.

The water crisis in Mississippi, has gotten so bad, the city temporarily ran out of bottled water to give to residents. As per CNN over 170,000+ people in Mississippi are without water indefinitely.

Baljit Singh, Roar 4 Change Program Directors said, “We urge the head of religious institutions be it from different Churches, Hindu Temples or Sikh Gurudwara to become a point of contact for Roar 4 Change. We will plan to send water from Dallas-Fort Worth Area via trucks to the identified point of contacts across the state of Mississippi.”

How you can help:

Become a Point of Contact in Mississippi:

If you are in Mississippi and would like to become a Point of Contact for Coordination. Please click here.

Become a Point of Contact in Mississippi:

If you are within Dallas Fort-Worth area and would like to donate water to use. Click here so we can coordinate to pick up water bottle from you.

Want to Donate Funds:

Please use the link below to donate funds that will used to purchase water. Roar 4 Help is a 0% overhead initiative. Every dollar donated is 100% utilized for the cause.

Feel free to email Roar 4 Change team for any further information at [email protected]or reach Mr. Baljit Singh at 972-800-6305

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