Roar 4 Change appeals to the community to come together to support the heavy rain floods area within Dallas Fort Worth Area

August 22, 2022

Roar 4 Change is appealing to our community to come together to support the folks who have been hit with heavy rain flash floods, an event that is 1-in-1,000-year flood.

Baljit Singh, Roar 4 Change Program Directors said, “We urge to community to come together and support. Let us not be the Bystanders and only watch the news. Let us come together and support our community members. We are looking for volunteers to deliver free grocery to the community that has been affected by the flash floods. Roar 4 Change is working with the Dallas Police authorities to identify the most affected areas. We plan to deliver FREE grocery packages to each family in those areas. We are looking for your support in the form of donations and volunteer.”

Visit Roar 4 Change website to donate or fill a volunteer form to support the community. Feel free to email Roar 4 Change team for any further information at [email protected] or reach Mr. Baljit Singh at 972-800-6305.

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