KBEC (Koun Banega English Ka Champion?)

Inspire, Engage, Reward!

  • School Competitions offer opportunities to inspire students to engage with subjects in more depth offering rewards as encouragement.
  • School competitions add diversity to your timetable and provide schoolteachers with classroom resources and activities for you to use.
  • There is the added morale boost of winning competitions!
  • There is great recognition for the school entering the competition
  • Students entering the competitions will extend their skills, participate in activities that extend their skills beyond the classroom and to have fun in their learning.
  • KBEC Competition will offer students and opportunity to extend their learning, challenge their skills, and add some additional achievements to their CVs.
  • Considerable prizes are also often available to be won for individual competitions.

Below example gives the KBEC- Koun Banega English Ka Champion (KBEC) in Marathi for students in Maharashtra to promote English learning.

Sheetal Academy and Roar 4 Change bring Koun Banega English Ka Champion (KBEC) for schools across Punjab. The competitions below are all open to all schools in Punjab.

Rules & Regulations

  • Any school within Punjab can take part in this competition.
  • All students from the school to participate in the competition.
  • Registration
    • Schools will register using the form below to take part in the competition. The final date for registering for the competition is May 30th, 2020.
    • The school to appoint a Point of Contact (PoC) for the KBEC team to coordinate further on the competition.
    • Each school to pay a nominal fee of INR 1,000 to register for the KBEC Competition
    • KBEC team will come to each school to conduct the Qualification Round competition.
  • Competition
    • The competition will be conducted in three groups for each registered school
      • Group A (Elementary) – Class I to Class IV
      • Group B (Middle School) – Class V to Class VIII
      • Group C (High School) – Class IX to Class XII
    • Qualification Round
      • The KBEC team will conduct the Qualification Round in each school from July-September 2020.
      • KBEC team will come to each school to conduct the competition. There will be three session per school for the Elementary, Middle School and High School that will be conducted in the common gym or areas of the school
      • Participation from all students is mandatory for the competition.
      • Each student will pay INR 300 to enroll in the competition
      • Each student will receive a participation certificate for taking part in the Qualification Round
      • The KBEC team will randomly select 50 students from each group to play the KBEC Competition
      • From the 50 randomly selected students top 3 students who get the maximum correct answers will be the school winners.
      • The top 3 school winners from each group will qualify for the semifinal.
      • There will top 3 school winners from each group- Elementary, Middle School and High School who will qualify for the Semifinal Round.
    • Semifinal Round
      • The top 3 winners from each group / each school will come together for the Semifinal Round.
      • The Semifinal Round will be conducted in Punjab during month of October 2020.
      • The top 10 winners from each group from the Semifinal Round will be selected for the Final Round.
    • Final Round
      • The Final Round will be conducted in Mumbai.
      • All 30 students (10 per group) will be flown to Mumbai for the KBEC competition.
      • In Mumbai we will have the grand finale of the KBEC
      • Considerable Prizes are planned for the winners.

Registration: All the school entering the KBEC Competition to complete the below registration form by 30th May 2020.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the KBEC team via email KBEC@roar4change.org

KBEC School Registration Form

Each school to use this form to register for the KBEC Competition
  • Please enter your school address
  • Please enter your school Principal Email Address
  • Please enter your school Principal Name
  • Please provide the Point of Contact Name for the KBEC Competition at your school
  • Please provide PoC Email Address
  • Please provide the PoC Contact Phone Number
  • Please provide number of student in the school
  • Any comments you would like to provide.

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