JJ Stalis | Dallas

Karan Arora, Roar 4 Change Volunteer purchased and delivered dog food for Mr. JJ Stalis’s pet. Roar 4 Change team had delivered grocery food yesterday for Stalis but today he requested food for his pet. He is emotionally attached to the pet and requested for support. JJ Stalis is a disabled with speech challenges and living alone in Dallas.

Supporting Our Seniors is an initiative to deliver food to our seniors and individuals with special needs within DFW area during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please call 972-800-6305 if you are a senior or would like to volunteer. You could also donate for our humble efforts. Click below to donate.

Call 972-800-6305 if you are a senior and need support during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please free to contact Baljit Singh, Program Director via email [email protected]

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