Nobel Prize Nomination

Do You Know Someone Worthy of the Nobel Prize?

Roar 4 Change and Jagat Punjabi Sabha have come forward to identify and assist in nomination of Indians across the world for the Nobel Prize. The Roar 4 Change Nobel Prize Task Force composed with the members of:

  • University Directors
  • University professors and professors’ emeriti
  • Associate professors of history, social sciences, law, philosophy, theology, and religion
  • Directors of research institutes and foreign policy institutes

Will review and nominate the candidates for the Nobel Prize. The Categories of Nobel Prize nominations are:

  1. Nobel Peace Prize
  2. Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  3. Nobel Prize in Literature
  4. Nobel Prize in Physics
  5. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  6. Nobel Prize in Economic Science

Roar 4 Change issues a public invitation for submissions on its website, and anyone may suggest a candidate. We do ask that in making that suggestion, they offer substantive reasoning explaining how the candidate meets our criteria (please see the criteria before putting forward a candidate).


  1. The candidate’s commitment to the field they are being nominated.
  2. The quality of the candidate as a person and of her/his sustained contribution to category nominated.
  3. The candidate’s work in the category nominated.
  4. The candidate’s possession of a worldview and/or global impact as opposed to a parochial concern.
  5. Giving attention to candidates from all parts of the world.

The deadline for submission of candidates is July 1st every year.


The Norwegian Nobel Committee does not publicize its nominees for fifty years after they are nominated. Roar 4 Change chooses to publicize our nominee in the belief that being a Roar 4 Change Nobel Prize nominee is itself a validation of the work being done by an individual or organization.

This is our humble effort to recognize the work done by organizations or individuals that we are not only encouraging the awarding of the Nobel Prize to our Task Force, but also lifting their work up for recognition for other awards globally.

If you wish to submit your applicant to the Nobel Prize Nominating Task Group, please prepare documentation as to how the candidate meets the criteria above, then use the below form to submit your candidate.

  • Submissions are accepted between until July 1st each year.
  • July – December each year the Task Force will review and study the the nominations.
  • January each year the Roar 4 Change Nobel Prize Task Force will submit its nominations to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Please share this information widely with your friends, colleagues and community. Thank you for your participation in this important process.

Nobel Prize Nomination

  • Must be organization or a living person
    Select one of the categories for your nomination
  • Describe the work that qualifies this organization or this person for the Nobel Prize
  • Please list specific sources / contact numbers that the Nobel Prize Nominating Task Force can consult for more information about this candidate or the organization. Example, books, websites, articles, films etc.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 100 MB.
      Attach any files that you would like us to consider.
    • Tell us about yourself.
    • Please provide your email address
    • Your phone number for us to contact you.
    • Your address
    • Max. file size: 100 MB.
      Please provide your photograph

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