Radio Show with Sargent Jeremy Hummert

January 26th, 2020

On Sunday, Jan 26th, 2020 we were on 104.9 FM Fun Asia Radio Show of Mr. Amarjit Singh Dhillon ” Vasade Rahe Punjab”. During the show we discussed various Mental Health challenges that are being faced by the Asian community in the DFW area. Sargent Jeremy Hummert of Irving Police Department talked about how the Irving police team is reaching out to the community and assisting them on the mental health challenges. Sgt. Hummert explained how their mental health team is equipped to assist the community during and post mental health crisis.

Mr. Baljit Singh of Roar 4 Change informed about the GUIDES 4 Community where we have experts from different professional fields, language and gender to support the community. This is a Free service for the community in DFW area. Mr. Baljit Singh further added the three stages where one can look out for help: Pre-crisis, During Crisis, and Post Crisis. During crisis, please reach to 911 for local help. We are offering Pre and Post Crisis support for the community with our GUIDES 4 Community. The Free service can be availed by calling 972-666-8077. You can find more about our GUIDES 4 Community program from the link below.

Click here to learn more about GUIDES 4 Community.

Mr. Amarjit Singh Dhillon, host of the Vasade Rahe Punjab show suggested that we should share non-confidential information on the types of cases and the suggested solutions. This would be a great learning for the community.

Roar 4 Change is thankful to the host Mr. Amarjit Singh Dhillon and we look forward coming back on the show in March 2020 to share further on the Mental Health Challenges.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Baljit Singh via email [email protected] or 972-666-8077 on our GUIDES 4 Community support line.

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