Meet Key Note Speaker- Omer Tulchinsky

Omer Tulchinsky- Co-Founder and Pedagogical Director, HaGal Sheli from Israel will be the key note speaker at the Better Teaching and Learning Conference 2020.

Omer holds a certificate in Nature Therapy, as well as a BA and MA in Education and a teaching certificate. He is a certified beach lifeguard, as well as a surfing instructor with certification from the Wingate Institute. Omer’s love for people, education, the sea, surfing and making a change and a difference is undeniable.

“We started HaGal Sheli out of a dream to combine our two greatest loves – educating young people and surfing. Over the past few years I have witnessed the incredible change that hundreds of young people experienced with us. I have seen young people whose self-esteem and learning habits have improved immensely. For me, surfing and the sea are a way of life”.

“Surfing changed our lives as well. We’ve learned how to handle challenges and failures, how to set goals in life and achieve them. Our dream was, and still is, to pay it forward, to turn wave surfing into a meaningful educational tool, to use our natural resource and this amazing sport as a vehicle of personal empowerment and as a shaping experience to change the teenagers’ lives.”


About Halgal Sheli

“HaGal Sheli” (My Wave) is a non-profit organization which uses surfing as an educational tool and provides at-risk youth with the chance to ‘ride the wave’ and succeed. By facing the unique forces of the sea and overcoming the challenge of surfing the participants are instilled with the self-confidence and sense of achievement necessary to propel them through equivalent life challenges.  

“HaGal Sheli” operates various programs for teenagers between the ages of 13-18 from all walks of Israeli society – Jews, Muslims and Christians; secular and non-secular; immigrants; and boys and girls alike.

Click here to learn more about Hagal Sheli from their website.

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