Meet Key Note Speaker Hariom Jindal

Hariom Jindal is a multifaceted personality with experience in education, practicing law, working as a businessman, social and political reformer. He will be the key note speaker for the Better Teaching & Learning Conference 2020 which is being held in Navi Mumbai from Feb 20-23, 2020.

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Hariom Jindal, who is a believer in the theory that prevention is better than cure, his efforts in the field of education are focused on achieving both short term and long term goals for transforming India. In the short run he is empowering the most neglected children engaged in rag picking through education and in the long term he is trying for transformation of the society by delivering highly value based education from his bilingual book “Empowerment through Knowledge”, so that a healthy society is built and every citizen lives a happy, peaceful and prosperous life. After receiving a Post Graduate diploma in Business Management, in 1988 and entering into business, thereafter,  in 2009, he re-joined Punjab University  to acquire education in law, so that he could understand the gap in education, that was causing corruption, crime, exploitation of common man by those in power, declining moralities, increasing cases of rape etc. He was 43 years of age, when he re joined Punjab University to study law. His book “Empowerment through knowledge” fills the gap. This book has been introduced by many renowned schools affiliated to both CBSE and state board. He has received the highest State Award for social services from the Government of Punjab. He is recipient of many other honors and awards including one from Zee Media.

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